Your Support Matters

The Mayor’s Youth Scholarship Program provides
Atlanta scholars with financial support to pursue post-secondary education and wouldn't be able to do any of this work without our generours donors.

Below, hear directly from Lamar and Conzuela how you have made a positive impact by investing in the education.  Your participation in the Twentieth Annual Mayor’s Cup Golf Tournament exemplifies the legacy of Atlanta being a caring city and demonstrates an investment in our future.

Lamar Fletcher

'Your support is not in vain. It is making such a big difference.  It is allowing us to go above and beyond and achieve our dreams, allowing us to move forward in life in a completely different trajectory and become the people we have always wanted to be.'

Conzuela Stanford

'Your support makes a huge impact on students lives.  If I didn’t get the scholarship I doubt I would have ever been able to finish college because of my finances and complex health history. Every penny you give is changing lives.  I know these scholarship wouldn’t be available without supporters like you- thank you.'


If you would like to learn about our previous sponsors, you may do so here. 

The Mayor's Youth Scholarship Program is a registered 501(c)(3).  
EIN: 82-1472875.
Designation documentation available upon request.